Vital Max

Copper and Zinc are essential for many plant physiological process that are vital for normal plant growth, development and production. Both has a role in enzymes system, certain protein synthesis and chlorophyyl/photosynthesis. Apart from this Copper is important for respiration, assist plant metabolism of carbohydrate and improve flavor and color in vegetables and flowers. On the other hand Zinc is vital for carbohydrates formation, conversion of starches into sugar, improves cold tolerance, and auxins formation, important in growth regulation and stem elongation.
VITAL MAX is a specially formulated foliar fertilizer by using AgriSol’s proprietary ERMP technology. VITALMAX foliar application can be used to ensure adequate Copper & Zinc supply for optimum plant growth. Copper & Zinc in the product are in form that are readily available for plant uptake. VITAL MAX is made with ingredients from chelated sources.

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