Company Profile

Company Profile

AGRISOL is a leading manufacturer of Specialty Liquid, Water-Soluble and Granular Fertilizers, based in North America with a presence both in Canada and the USA. The business was established in 2006 by dedicated Agriculture professionals, who for several years have worked in the horticultural, and fertilizer industries, both throughout North America and World that includes but not limited to Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. At AGRISOL we nurture long-lasting relationships by delivering innovative, science-based plant nutrient solutions that boost yield potential, strengthen crops, and reduce environmental effects. R&D and understanding the science of Agriculture that affects crops helps us to create technologies that can optimize our customers’ fertilizer investments. Product research and development have put AGRISOL Fertilizers at the very forefront in plant nutrition to maximize crop growth and potential. Our liquid range includes the highest possible NPK liquid analysis fertilizers on the world market.
AGRISOL considers itself an innovator in the liquid fertilizer business and has forged a strong alliance with a major US manufacturer that deals with some patented Liquid fertilizer supplements. The companies work together in Research & Development and raw material acquisition. Our diversified team of Agriculture Scientists and agronomists,working together with our growers, universities, and government researchers, to develop and deliver products our customers can trust.
AGRISOL itself has a strong research and development focus and carries out activity including formulation advances, fertilizer compatibility, and field trials with the assistance of growers, agronomists, and independent consultants.
There are currently more than 200 formulations on AGRISOL’S product list, and AGRISOL also manufacture custom blends to meet the client’s fertilizer requirement


Our team includes highly qualified professionals, which includes three Ph. D. and six Ms.Sc., with extensive agricultural experience in different agriculture disciplines such as plant nutrition


Manufacture fertilizers that are efficient in nature, safe for environment and cater the need of clients and the crops.


To be the leader in fertilizer industry that provides commercially viable & customer focused innovative crop nutritional solutions with passion for people & the planet, and to build growers capacity to efficiently use fertilizers.

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