About Us

About Us

Fertilizer is a precious resource, which plays a critical role in world food production and is a necessary part of solving today's global food crisis. However, their extensive and irrational use has raised number of ecological and environment concerns. The environmental movement has stimulated interest in the use of fertilizers that are organic in nature or at least have minimum ecological foot prints. In addition to being an environmental problem, it also a waste of money for the farmers/growers, thus, reducing their profit.

It is true that without the use of fertilizers it is unimaginable to produce sufficient food for ever growing world population. However, with the scientific knowledge at hand and the methods & timing of fertilizer application, it is possible to considerably reduce their use thus, negative effect on environment. Agrisol believe, committed and have the expertise to manufacture fertilizer that are highly efficient, non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly for commercial farming, greenhouses and home gardening.

Agrisol manufactures a wide range of specialized nutrients and supplements in both liquid and granular form which are for general use as well as crop specific. Our line of products includes certified organic fertilizers, semi-organic and synthetic products for field crops, greenhouse crops, fruits & vegetable, nurseries, turf, landscape, etc. We also custom blend for local and international companies. Agrisol offers products to all categories of customers at very affordable rates with exceptional service.

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, have the capacity to manufacture over 50,000 metric tons per year that are made from a wide range of high quality certified material obtained from around the world. Agrisol liquid products involves extensive fermentation process that converts complex molecules into available form that are easily utilized by the roots.

We strongly believe in compassion and committing ourselves to donate 2.5% of our annual profit to charities in the underdeveloped world.


Our team includes highly qualified professionals, which includes three Ph. D. and six Ms.Sc., with extensive agricultural experience in different agriculture disciplines such as plant nutrition


Manufacture fertilizers that are efficient in nature, safe for environment and cater the need of clients and the crops.


To be the leader in fertilizer industry that provides commercially viable & customer focused innovative crop nutritional solutions with passion for people & the planet, and to build growers capacity to efficiently use fertilizers.

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