Nutrasol Water Soluble Fertilizers

Adequately feeding the ever-growing world population and protection of environment are the top concerns faced by today's agriculture. This can be achieved, among other factors, by increasing efficiency of agricultural inputs, especially of fertilizers.
The most effective way to improve fertilizer use efficiency is to supply nutrients in split applications at right time & methods (drip / drench & foliar spray) according to the need and growth stages of plants / crops. This will not only save money, but will also help in mitigating negative impacts on environment. However, any water soluble fertilizer must possess feathers of high solubility, purity with no harmful elements and instant absorption by plants.
At Agrisol, product manufacturing starts with selection of highest quality ingredients (chelated & non-chelated), which are free from sulphates, chlorides, other harmful elements and have low salt index. Our NUTRASOL blends are 100% water soluble, free flowing, and contain full package of macro and micro nutrients. They are quickly absorbed by plants and rapidly correct nutritional deficiencies. Additionally most of our products can be mixed with commonly used pesticides and other fertilizers. All NUTRASOL products are suitable for use in all agricultural operations.

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