Vital Copper

Copper (Cu) is an essential metal that is involved in many physiological processes in plants and acts as a structural element in regulatory proteins and participates in photosynthetic electron transport, mitochondrial respiration, oxidative stress responses, cell wall metabolism and act as cofactors in many enzymes. Plants require Cu as an essential micronutrient for normal growth and development at all growth stages. It also intensify color and flavor in vegetables and color & fragrance in flowers.
VITAL COPPER (4%) is a specially formulated foliar fertilizer by using AgriSol’s proprietary ERMP technology to help prevent and quickly correct Cu deficiencies. VITAL COPPER (4%) is made with chelated sources of COPPER andorganic acids. It ensures steady supply of Copper. It can be used in greenhouses, open field, throughdrip/drench and foliar applications.

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