NUTRIFISH is a fish based liquid organic fertilizer for all crops. It is derived using a unique ERMP technology that makes all nutrients and supplements readily available for plant use. It not only contains macro, micro and trace elements, but also contains amino acids from organic source (Plant, animal and mined minerals) that are vital and building blocks of sugars and proteins. These nutrients, crucial for growth, development and production with superior in quality are pre-digested for ready to use form for plants uptake. The fish used to make Organic NUTRIFISH fertilizer are from deep-water, bottom-feeders rich in trace minerals and amino acids.
It is an ideal choice for certified Organic growers involved in the production of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, ornamentals, etc. It can be used either as a standalone fertilizer or as a supplement for optimum plant production. Besides drench, NUTRIFISH can be used in drip and foliar applications because of its unique formulation. .


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