Nutrasol 16-3-19

Nutrasol 16-3-19 is derived from finest horticultural grade raw materials according to North America's quality standards. Due to its purity and 100% solubility, it is an ideal choice for the growers which maximizes saving in terms of nutrients efficiency.
Nutrasol 16-3-19 is a specialized formulation that ensures all macro and micro nutrients along with Calcium and Magnesium .it can be used in drip/drench for field and Green House crops. It provides desired essential nutrients in a suitable proportion and instantly fulfills short term nutritional requirements of plants, strengthen the crop to perform at highest levels of productivity. Use of16-3-19 at different crop stages promotes overall plant growth, improves the quality and shelf life of produce. It is an excellent solo product to satisfy various nutritional requirements without any constrain of growing medium


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