Balanced nutrients (macro & micro) are important for good citrus yield and quality of the fruits. Variable temperatures during early spring to start of summer has profound impact on ability of citrus tree to uptake nutrients from the soil, especially micronutrients. If macronutrients are supply in relatively high proportions at early growth stage extreme deficiency of micronutrients can develop which impacts growth, quality and final yield.
A number of factors can influence availability of micronutrients e.g. soil pH, high Phosphorus level, accumulation of heavy metals, primarily Cu, in the soil, lack or abundance of other micronutrients in the soil, variable temperatures or excessive irrigation etc. It is an established factor that the most reliable sources of micronutrients are their chelated forms.
To mitigate early growth stages stresses, Agrisol has designed a special formulation that contains a potent package of chelated micronutrients. It boosts the plant metabolism and ensure steady supply of nutrients, critical for plant growth, development and good quality of fruits with longer shelf life.


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