Zinc is the most deficient micronutrient in rice production. It has vital role in rice production. Its deficiency severely affects many metabolic process, and thus, greatly affects yield. A number of factor can be responsible for Zinc deficiency, however, Sulphur has major role. Other factors are low availability in soil, varietal response, and soil pH, increase of Fe, Ca, Mg, Copper, Manganese Mn, and P after flooding, etc. Deficiencies starts to appear from week 2-4 after transplantation. Major deficiency symptoms includes uneven plant growth (poorly grown patches), increased sterility, and chlorotic midrib near base of younger leaves and loss of leave turgor.
BUMPER RICE (0-0-0 +8 Zn) is a highly specialized, liquid fertilizer for rice nurseries and fields. Apart from Zinc it also contains and Sulphur-vital for Zinc availability. Its application ensures steady supply of Zinc and helps in reaching yield potential of all rice varieties. In case of Zinc deficiency BUMPER RICE quickly corrects and overcoming Zinc deficiency.


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