Nutrasol 0-0-40

Nutrasol 0-0-40 is derived from finest horticultural grade raw materials according to North America's highest quality standards. Due to high concentration of nutrients and purity, lower is the amount of final product consumed so, the judicious use of Nutrasol 0-0-40 maximizes the farmers saving in terms of money and nutrients efficiency.
Nutrasol 0-0-40 is 100% water soluble, free-flowing specialized fertilizer formulated to provide Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Micronutrients in a readily available form. It is used for fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, cereals, nurseries, greenhouse crops, etc it is designed for crop with high Potassium requirement. All micronutrients used in product are from chelated sources. Nutrasol 0-0-40 promotes better fruit size, weight, quality & yields. Nutrasol 0-0-40 by virtue of its composition provides shelter against external stress, particularly caused by frost and heat.


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