Calcium and Magnesium are important plant nutrients required for normal plant growth and development. Calcium helps in translocation of minerals with in the plants to improve the cell division, structural stability, permeability of cell walls & plays vital role in plant growth and production. Similarly, Magnesium is an integral part of chlorophyll and play an important role in photosynthesis. It activates enzyme & take part in many biochemical processes which are essential for plant growth, protein synthesis and carbon fixation.
“Magnical” is an organic based liquid product developed through Agrisol ESR Technology to meet the requirement of Ca, Mg, Sulphur and trace elements in crop plants. Use of Magnical enhances the uptake of other macro and micro-nutrients into and within the plant (phloem & xylem). Application of Magnical also helps in increasing tolerance against diseases and improve the shelf life of the produce.

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