Magnesium (Mg) is an essential macro nutrient, necessary for normal plant growth & development. It has an important role in photosynthesis and chlorophyll. Magnesium also acts as enzyme activator in many biochemical process which are essential for plant growth, protein synthesis and carbon fixation. Generally Magnesium become deficient in strongly acidic, light and sandy soils, where it can easily be leached.
MAGIC™ is specialized liquid product developed Along with Magnesium (Mg) it also contains Sulphur and trace elements. "MAGIC™" is crop friendly formulation which enhance the movement and uptake of Magnesium (Mg) & other nutrients into and within the plant (phloem & xylem). Magnesium in “MAGICT™" enhances the uptake of Nitrogen and Phosphorus which boosts root & leaf growth and final yield. It also helps increases plant tolerance against diseases.


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