Bumper Yield-Cotton

BUMPER YIELD-COTTON (8-8-6) is specifically designed foliar fertilizer for Cotton crop to optimizing its flowering and production potential. BUMPER YIEILD-COTTON is formulated to meet all nutritional requirements of cotton crop at vegetative and reproductive stages. In addition to providing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Boron, it contains a wide range of Amino Acids, enzymes, and other plant derived organic ingredients.
Its foliar application at critical stages of plant growth prevents immature shedding of flowers and bolls, resulting in higher yield and better quality. It speeds up photosynthesis, translocation of photosynthates, protein synthesis and aids in the regulation of stomatal activity (thereby enhancing water use efficiency). Its application also activates many enzymes and other metabolic processes which provides maximum energy to plants at critical stages of development. This ensures maximum flowering, optimum fruit development and increased resistance to diseases and drought conditions.


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