Blueberry plants require specialized soils and sites for best growth and plant development. They require very acid soil, preferably between pH 4.5 and 5.1. Blueberry plant is very sensitive to pH, waterlogging and any nutrient deficiency. Blueberry plant production can be significantly increased when fertilizer is used on a continuous basis through drip irrigation in comparison to granular fertilizer.
In consideration of Blueberry requirement, BERRY BOOST, an excellent organic based liquid fertilizer is designed with Agrisol ESR* technology. It provides all necessary nutrients to the plant and also improves nutrient availability, uptake and their utilization within plant. BERRY BOOST is soluble in water and safe to be used without any blockages in the irrigation system. BERRY BOOST is result of our continuous research & development efforts to design a near perfect formulation which is suitable for all berry crops. BERRY BOOST is highly effective against different types of stresses (Biotic and Abiotic), and helps in enhancing specific metabolic processes that results in higher yield and superior quality of produce.

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