The importance of calcium as an essential plant nutrient is often overlooked. Calcium is a primary constituent of cell walls and membranes. It helps in mobility and translocation of minerals within plant tissues. Its deficiency adversely affect cell division; impair the structural stability, permeability of cell walls, thus, have vital role in, plant growth and production.
AGRICAL, an organic based fertilizer, is formulated with a proprietary, organic chelating agent that promotes the uptake and translocation of Calcium in plants. Apart from supplying Ca it also enhances uptake of other macro and micronutrients in plant tissue. An early application can make a good crop even better by stimulating vigorous regrowth and maximizes growth at critical stages.
AGRICAL increases calcium concentration in produce, hence, increases storage life and improves resistance in plant against a range of physiological break down conditions including water core, bitter pit and internal browning.


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